N6113K Covershot

Our Seabee project presented itself to us from the sometimes extremely cold, dark and  very far north city of Fairbanks, Alaska. The previous owner had the original goal of restoring it, with the hopes of bringing it back to all its glory. Unfortunately, everyday life happened (as it does to all of us) and the years rolled on with the Seabee taking the back burner.

In walked us; 2 pilots – 1 professional (Military and Commercial) and 1 pretender(lowly private pilot). After some long and winding conversations, a bit of back and forth persuasion after going over our pros and cons list, we decided to take the plunge. We knew we could fly airplanes, but could we build one?

We not only stumbled upon a very fun, challenging and unique project we also stumbled upon a previous owner that took great care in researching, collecting, saving, and loving anything Seabee related. That said, we have boxes full of binders containing original documents, manuals, bulletins, news letters, CAD drawings, original hand drafted plans, pictures, STC’s, hand drawn notes and letters –  decades worth of history ranging from 1946 through today.

This website will follow our project; both positive and negative and we hope to document every step of the way. We also have a goal of getting all of our paperwork/documents scanned into digital format so others might benefit.

Feel free to leave us a note and if you have any questions, let us know.