As I mentioned yesterday, I started scanning in documents and making them available to the public. You can access them via a menu on the upper right, that will open up a separate window of which you can browse, download, or view. Again, some of these might be available all over the internet already, but I figured I would scan and record everything that we have.

Or, that can be accessed here: Documents

Let me know if you have any questions or requests of a specific document you are looking for and don’t see…we might have it.

  1. Hi, I just came across your web sight hope your project is progressing well. I happened to stumble on project very similar to yours . I was looking for a Seabee that might need a little work and ended up with two trailers with whats left of two Seabees on them. I also figured I would start with something small and tackle the tail wheel so I appreciate the section you posted about your tail wheel. I do get into Anchorage on a regular basis and would love to stop by and check out your project and pick you brain if you have time some day when I come through Anchorage.

    • Bryan, thanks for the note! Yes, it is progressing…slowly. Actually still going backwards at this moment in time. Just pulled the motor a few weeks ago!

      Well, I should say, we did take a few steps forward last week. Started working the belly skins. Made all new cables for control surfaces. And will start bending and dry fitting the hull skins to prep for sealing and shooting the tail section back on.

      I have been very negligent in updating the site, I will make a point to do that in the near future!

      Another set of ‘Seabee’ eyes on the project would be great and I’m sure we can pick each others brains!
      Feel free to email me for contact info…email is somewhere here in the site.


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