When we purchased our SeaBee project, we also inherited a significant amount of documentation. Some of it was original paperwork/newsletters/bulletins to SeaBee airplanes, some of it was copies of originals, some of it I really don’t know. I plan on scanning it all and making it all available to the public to read and download. I’m sure most of it is readily available already, but on the off chance there might be something others have never seen, it will be worth it. Either way, everything I have will be digitally available here.

A good example of something that I found interesting is the below document – A Price Parts List. It isn’t anything of real value, besides entertainment value of skimming through it and looking at how incredibly cheap things were then, and how easily you could replace parts that you just can’t find today…A complete hull was 500 bucks. Brand new, perfect condition! If you’ve seen some of my other posts, you’d know I NEED a new hull 🙂

Take a look, feel free to download, or ask for something specific we might have. I literally have 100’s of documents to scan in from STC’s to CAD plans, to original RC SeaBee bulletins dating back to 1946.

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