If I am not able to spend some dedicated time each night to the project, I still try and root around the spare parts and conex box storage going through and organizing things.

Tonight I came across this, and haven’t found out what it is.

Let’s play a game of “What is it?”

4 Ports

Mounting surface?

Something fuel system related?

Let me know if you have any ideas!

  1. Saw your post on the supercub.org site.

    That looks like an electric fuel pump. NOT an original Seabee part. It could have been used as a supplemental pump for the engine or as an electric primer pump or to feed gas to a cabin heater.

    Not visible in your picture are spray rails. A 4″ wide spray rail bent down 30-45 degrees attached to the chine starting at the step following all the way around the bow to the step on the other side helps in getting on the step and keeping spray out of the prop and off the windshield.

    I see that you have the long wing extensions, GOOD. I have found that the addition of droop type tips do help just a little at low speed high angle of attack situations. Don’t know where they can be found.

    I was the test pilot for the Twin Bee conversion of the Seabee. Good luck with your project.

    • Hi Peter,
      say, the Twin Bee has the wonderful Lyc360 engines, that is good, but how was that plane otherwise? How is it C-G-wise? – Front Tank- Rear Tank?
      Would be interesting to hear your opinion on it…
      Best Regards,

  2. This looks to me to be a hydraulic pump. It looks identical to the power trim pumps used on early Johnson/ Evinrude outboard motors to raise or lower the motor. It is reversible buy reversing the polarity to either raise the motor or lower it.
    Bill Rosko

  3. It’s an electric hydraulic pump for the Seabee. It’s a Prestolite HYB-5005. Well, if it’s the approved one with the STC, it’s suppose to be. Part of the Simuflight STCs. Call for other info if you need. Henry 561-573-0668, live in North Carolina.

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