So, with the entire hull skins off the airplane, assessing, cleaning, replacing and upgrading parts and pieces is the order of business before any reassembly takes place.

Specifically, with the aft hull completely removed this yields full access and easy accessibility to the tailwheel mechanism. With all the parts and pieces that we inherited, I really don’t know what we have or need on final assembly. Now was a good chance to take a look at the tailwheel.

I went out to the conex to find any box, can, tin, pile of bolts/nuts in the hopes of finding anything applicable to the tailwheel. At the time, I didn’t have a full understanding of how it actually worked so I went to the original manuals, part replacement catalogs and any diagram I could find to really see how it was assembled. My primary source was this:
Tailwheel explode
This diagram was what I used to rough assemble the tailwheel to ensure I had all the parts and pieces.

And that, got me to this!

And from the outside:

Again, this was just to see what I had for pieces or if I had to start looking for spares. And, I was very satisfied that I had all the original pieces, to include brand new Tail Wheel Shock Absorbers. In the future, hopefully in the next few weeks, before we start working the aft hull sheet metal, I will do an in depth tailwheel assembly. This will primarily be for my own sake in any event I need to repair anything in the future, and also a good procedural exercise as a reference.

Back to cleaning, scrubbing, scotch brighting, scraping and whatever you can think of to clean this thing up…

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