So, I am trying to catch up here since we originally purchased our Seabee, you’ll see a few more posts in the next day or so that took place within the last year.

On initial pickup of our project, there was far too much snow and not enough room to grab the spare fuselage back in March (2015). We decided that I would return to grab it when the weather was more conducive. That trip consisted of myself and the family. At the time, a 4 year and 2 year old…..driving 7 hours north. Started early afternoon on Friday, and eventually got to the hotel about 10pm because we ended up stopping every 15 minutes for a bathroom break (cause both kids HAD to go at the same time EVERY 15 minutes).

Unfortunately, I lost or didn’t take any picture of the process. You’ll have to trust me in that it took 2 extremely strong, smart, well thought out people to lift the spare fuselage onto the trailer. After 2 hrs of getting it loaded and secured, we headed home. On our return trip, we were asked a few good questions: “What kind of boat is that?”, “Is that a helicopter?” and “Did you crash it?”. Many of the same people took pictures of our “crashed”, helicopter boat…Does anybody have any history or knowledge of the spare N6155K fuselage? Let us know!

Ready to roll
Loaded and ready to head back to Anchorage.

A few weeks earlier we planned to have our conex delivered. This meant I had to rent another uhaul, reload the conex, have them deliver said conex…..then load everything back in. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out all that great so I had to load and unload everything into my garage until the conex was delivered. This actually turned out ok as it gave me time to sort out the pieces, and load everything in somewhat of an orderly fashion.

Conex can finally be delivered!
Flaps hanging and struts below.
Main shot
Sold a few wings, and have our main wings hanging and out of the way, another set is way in the back of the conex.
Rudder, interior trim, painted interior pieces…
Shelving units with a lot of spare parts for electrical, flight instruments, etc.
More shelving
Door blanks, old doors, wing floats, Daubenspeck cowling, old cowling pieces.
More misc
Multitude of misc. pieces.
Spare fuselage
Spare fuselage pieces drilled out and added to the other spare pieces.


tl;dr – Spare fuselage retrieved, permanent storage delivered and our entire Seabee project is now in one, permanent location.

I mentioned before, if any folks out there are looking for spare parts, please let us know. We most likely have something you need or want.

  1. The second trip sounds more like a Horror trip than the first one… At least the weather was good…?

  2. I have wanted to do this for 46 years. Still 20 going on 66 August 1. There is a SeaBee parked static at a mini-golf place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jungle Golf ?? Something. I ask the clerk ticket guy if the plane was for sale. He said, ‘You are the 3rd guy this month that has tried to buy this airplane. The SeaBee seemed to be in pretty good shape. There is a man -guy that has a working SeeBee at Lake Norman, (Charlotte), North Carolina. I have seen this plane flying at Lake Norman. There is a SeaBee at Lake Tahoe. Somebody put a Chevy Corvette 427 V8 in this plane. The SeaBee is painted Navy Blue and Navy markings. I have seen videos of this plane flying. I saw an old SeaBee for sale down in Texas at a ranch, some 7-10 years ago. It was red in color and deteriorated. Trade A Plane maybe ??? Of course there is the SeaBee web site. 5-10 years ago, found a web site where some lady, gal and group was restoring a SeaBee in Maryland ?? somewhere. Cub Crafters, SeaBee Crafters, Twin Bee Crafters, Globe Swift Crafters, Twin Commanche Crafters, Apatche Crafters, Aztec Crafters, Sky Master Crafters, Twin Bonanza Crafters, Beech Duke Crafters, Navion Crafters, DC-3 Crafers – Basler Turbo. Scheming and Dreaming. ???? See you at Oshkosh. The 5 most used words in aviation – ‘I ran out of money.’ Possibly take the existing shipping container and make a work shop with heat in the shipping container.

  3. Hello! I am restoring #537 and am in need of a couple parts that you may be able to sell of the parts plane. I need the door sill extrusions. They basically rivet the (boat) side of the fuselage to the cabin floor pan. Mine are corroded to the point of exfoliating. Also could use the floor pan as well, but I could bend up sheet metal if a had to. I’ll see if I can find a part number. But basically….. its the piece that is 1/2 below the cabin door when the door is closed. Please feel free to call if it’s easier, or I can text you a picture of the part. Thanks. Todd Goudeau 337-298-5151

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