So after a long weekend of sorting through 100’s of parts, countless boxes and cans of airplane “pieces”, we packed and secured the uhaul and trailer and started the 350 mile trek south. Looking back, it was a very successful and damage free journey. Best part, there isn’t much to comment on besides a few stops for gas and checking on some straps. Now what to do with everything.

Original plan was to buy a 40ft conex box, have them deliver to our house and unload everything into storage until the rebuild started. Unfortunately, our driveway incline, snow and ice prevented any chance of tractor and trailer from making a delivery. We struggled for 2 hrs just getting the trailer in position to unload the fuselage, so I can understand why the conex delivery company said “Ain’t gonna happen”.

New plan, purchase our conex (not fully supported by all….), have them store it until a delivery could be made, and we will just have to load and unload everything twice. Not ideal, but reality……so that’s what we did. Thankfully, the day we got back, the temperatures skyrocketed to above freezing, and unloading at a slower pace was a bit more enjoyable.

Getting the fuselage in the garage was a bit more tricky in that we were fighting the ice and snow, and gravity trying to pull the plane in a few directions as we ratcheted it off the trailer. Once it was on solid ground, we still didn’t have a 100% conclusion that it would fit in the garage with the prop still being on. We ratcheted, pushed, pulled, and eventually got it in….by less than an inch of clearance (and that is not a joke) AND both cars fit with the garage door shut!

The unloading of the uhaul was more of the same process as loading; take off, check for damage, and temporarily load the conex until late spring. Didn’t care how the temporary conex box was loaded as they said they couldn’t transport a full box, so the process was a free-for-all.


Made it back, and in the driveway.
Start Unload
Have a game plan, and now starting to unload.
Slowly making progress.
About to hit the trailer ramps, and time to ratchet from the other way.
Down and made it into the garage by less than an inch!
Door shut
Completely in with door shut. No chance 2 cars will fit…
Getting closer
Turned, and nearly in place. Might be tight!
Full house
Look at that. Plane is tucked in the back, with 2 cars and the door shut.
New conex box waiting for us, time to unload.
Empty and not ecstatic
Some are happier than others…….
Temporarily full
Truck is empty, conex is full. Unload is complete.
Actual work on the plane will start soon….I promise.

tl;dr – The transit was a success – fit the fuselage in the garage, unloaded everything to temp storage, no major issues or damage to any of the Seabee parts and pieces.

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