If I am not able to spend some dedicated time each night to the project, I still try and root around the spare parts and conex box storage going through and organizing things. Tonight I came across this, and haven’t found out what it is. Let’s play a game of “What is it?”   4 […] Read More →
Hey everybody. In the short amount of time the site has been “alive”, we have received a lot of inquiries, comments, and visits! This is really cool and exciting that others are interested enough to click on over. With all the cool response, I think we will definitely keep going with the progress updates. We […] Read More →
Hull removal is underway. The plane is jacked up, great access all around and let the drilling begin….unless…. Our neighbor Joe (A&P helping with our build) shed some light on a good “trick”. Instead of having to drill out each rivet, he said that if the aluminum surface that the tail of the rivets are […] Read More →
First things first, our Seabee N6311K is in pretty good shape. It has very little to nearly zero corrosion, completely stripped of paint, and ready to be restored. That said, the work it does need could be approached a few different ways. Patched together and flown, repaired with the pieces that originally came off, or […] Read More →
After amassing the Seabee project in one place, we didn’t do much with it. We went through the boxes, made a few lists, but for the most part, we started reading – the internet was our friend. And most importantly, we talked to our acquaintances, fellow pilots, other knowledgeable A&P’s, people that did this for […] Read More →